Fashion is my Passion

Fashion is my Passion
I am a true Fashionpassionista!

Monday, August 1, 2016

10 Essential Items All Women Should Have In Their Closets!

After almost a year…I am excited to be posting my very first blog on my site. Can I get a Woo-hoo!

Any who knows me…knows that I love fashion. Did I say love fashion? I really love fashion…coordinating outfits, jewelry, make-up, you name it!! Unlike others, I don’t consider myself a Fashionista but rather a Fashionpassionista because I have a true passion for fashion! Naturally, I am tickled pink to be writing my first fashion piece for the WRTW website and blog so it is in this spirit that I share with you what I believe are 10 essential items that all Women Rule the World should have in their closets. These items are all affordable and are essential pieces!

Lynne’s Ten Must Haves:

1.        The first on the list…a great fitting pair of jeans.  Jeans obviously vary in style and price. However, the key is finding the right of pair of jeans that are flattering on you. Believe it or not…some of my favorite jeans have come from Old Navy for less than $30.

2.       A black dress – all women should have a classy tasteful black dress that you can wear at the drop of a hat when an event or activity arises and you need to look professional.

3.       Similar to a black dress but slightly different a black skirt. A black skirt can be dressed up or down…worn casual or dressy! Again, the key is finding a black dress that is flattering on you!

4.       And, while we are talking about black items, a classic pair of black pumps is a must have! Enough said!

5.       Having at least one nice purse is also crucial. One of the “in bags” this season is the crossbody bag. Crossbody bags can be worn to work or with a nice outfit for a night on the town. I have a purse fetish…I must confess so I try to treat myself to a nice bag at least once a year! If you are not the crossbody type…go with a tote!  Tote bags are so practical!

6.       Some fashion jewelry – jewelry accents any outfit. Typically, it is the accessories that make an outfit POP anyway! Layering bracelets and wearing colorful bold necklaces can truly enhance your style! Nothing wrong with investing in some fine jewelry!

7.       A cute white tee – a white tee is synonymous to having a great comfortable pair of classic black pumps…you just have to have at least one at all times in your closet. And, nowadays a white tee can also be dressed up or down!

8.       A scarf – yes I said a scarf! Much like jewelry, a scarf can add a bit of flair to an ordinary looking outfit. If you have never worn a scarf…try it, you just might like it!

9.       A silver or gold pair of hoop earrings (and/or both)! Yep, good old hoop earrings. A simple pair of hoops is a timeless jewelry piece.

10.   And finally, keep a great tube of lip gloss or lipstick. While this is not a clothing item, all sassy classy ladies should keep their lips in check even if you do not like or wear makeup. Nicely presented lips have a way of making you look fresh and clean - no matter the outfit!

Stay tuned for my next article…The Leather Report!
Thanks to Gwen Cooper for inviting me to also post my articles on the Women Rule the World website! And, shout out again to the creator of my site Ms. Dayvonne (BAM) Jordon! You did that!
Lynne P. Meadows, Your Fashionpassionista!
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