Fashion is my Passion

Fashion is my Passion
I am a true Fashionpassionista!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Professional Career and Fashion Go Hand and Hand


To a special person, who has been a inspiration to everyone's path, she has crossed with her fashionable high heels. Let me grab a handful of minutes of your attention and congratulate our friend, Lynne Meadows, on her 50th BIRTHDAY(balloon drop string is pulled). Well, to be frank, I am very glad to share her new adventure of FASHION BLOGGING with the world, and to see her celebrate her birthday surrounded by family and friends. On her birthday, I'd like to wish her simple human happiness. I wish her harmony when all the components of life are balanced: when daily work brings delight and in the evening you hurry back home to be with your family. I wish Lynne inner comfort when she knows somewhere near, at the distance of a phone call, there are old friends who care about her and if she feels blue, they will always come to her place with a glass of wine and conversation to disperse her problems with a hearty laugh and recollections of the "good old" days. I wish her a year full of FASHIONABLE CLOTHES, HEELS, & ACCESSORIES. Also the joys to give one strength to make great achievements and reach one's goals. 

May Lynne's most cherished dreams come true with this blog site, as we stand up and raise our glasses for her birthday and continued happiness. 

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